Zipjob Review

Zipjob is a service, which specializes in writing and rewriting resumes. The website claims that all the resumes are written by expert writers who have years of experience in writing resumes and are aware of the latest trends of resumes. The resumes are also scanned with ATS technology to ensure that the employer will notice it.

Given this, they affirm that the customer will get 2-3 times more interviews. It is stated on the website that it helped candidates secure positions in Google, BBC, ABC, and other well-known companies. After years of work, Zipjob declares to have helped more than 100,000 customers to get new jobs.zipjob_desktop

Positive and negative sides of Zipjob

At first sight, Zipjob has an informative, catchy, and user-friendly website. Almost all the needed information can be easily found and there are different options to contact the support.

The website urges the potential client that they have the unique method of writing resumes, which will be successfully noticed by many employers. Not only do they have expert writers, but also the ATS Technology, used by 90% of employers, according to the website.

Another positive aspect is that all writers are native speakers and professional resume writers. They have all passed the examination and always keep up with new trends.

The other side of the coin is, however, that services offered by Zipjob are undoubtedly expensive. A resume is a one-off need and after being written only needs to be supplemented. The impossibility to get the money back in case of dissatisfaction with the work makes matters worse.

What’s more, Zipjob has proudly placed a 4-star rating from TrustPilot on the website, which leads to a curious find though. The majority of reviews are positive but the last are mostly negative and even furious which gives the idea that the quality of work has drastically changed since the launch.

In addition, all negative reviews are extensive, with many examples of what went wrong, how people tried to deal with it (some even shared screens to prove that those are not empty words), and how no one helped them in the end. At the same time, all satisfied reviews are very short.

The most suspicious moment is that only positive comments are marked as ‘Invited’, which means that they got an email from the website encouraging them to leave feedback and not a single negatory comment has this mark, although some of them are indeed trustworthy. Does this tell us that some of the invited comments are fake? Or does this mean that Zipjob tries to decrease the negative feedback by not informing some people that they have the opportunity to share their disappointment? It’s for everyone to decide for themselves, but the answer seems to be obvious.

Last but not least, it seems that the staff of writers is very little. There are less than 20 writers represented on the website. It is for this reason that it may take quite a lot of time to get a resume there.

Zipjob FAQ

  • What is ATS?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an auto-scanner for resumes. The website claims that more than 90% of employers in the United States and Canada use it while selecting candidates to consider and invite on interview.

  • What is LinkedIn profile update?

It includes an extra document with suggestions on how to make a client’s profile more keyword-rich and well-written and content for some parts of the profile.

  • Are the writers qualified?

Zipjob claims to have only professional resume writers who are constantly trained on the specifics of resume writing and have passed the website examination.

  • How to communicate with the writer?

After purchasing a package, a client is matched with the writer. There is a built-in chat so communication is mostly made via messaging but phone calls are available too if arranged with the writer.

  • How quickly do writers make a resume?

There’s no information on the website how many days it takes to get a resume. It is clear from the given FAQ that the more expensive package a client buys, the quicker resume is written but the exact time is to be found out only after purchase.

  • Does Zipjob provide moneyback option?

Money is never returned by Zipjob since many aspects of job searching is out of control.

  • How to get support at Zipjob?

The website provides three options to contact for support. There is in-built chat on the website; phone number: (888) 944-9929 (available Monday-Friday 9am-7pm EST); email: [email protected]

How to make an order at Zipjob?

There’s no possibility of creating a free account to get a closer look at the working process. This means that only a customer who is absolutely sure that he is willing to get his resume from the website can register since the services are pricy. Here are some available options:

  • Launch – includes a professional resume and ATS optimization, costs 139$ or 48$/month
  • Fast Track – includes the Launch package, 60-day interview guarantee (this means that if a client didn’t get 2x more interviews during the next 60 days, he can send some links to the jobs he has applied to and be applied with a senior writer to review the resume and see if some improvements can be done), and a cover letter, costs 189$ or 65$/month
  • Premium – includes a professionally written resume, a cover letter, LinkedIn profile update, expedited delivery, and 60-days interview guarantee, costs 299$ or 27$/monthzipjob packages

Jobs to get a resume for at

Although the website asserts to have professional writers, the job listing is reduced to the next categories:

  • IT
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Teaching and Education

Zipjob Reddit review

Zipjob doesn’t encounter its own community or thread on Reddit, so finding additional information there may be a bit challenging. Nevertheless, there are few questions from people, who consider using the website. There aren’t many comments either but all of them are unanimously negative.

Two main problems stated by the commentators are too high prices and poor quality of both freshly written and rewritten resumes. Everyone who has used the service advises not to work with them and seek an alternative.

Creation of a resume at Zipjob

So let’s take a deeper look at how Zipjob resumes are created. The client is to take the following steps:

1. Provide personal information. The customer can either upload his resume for a revision or fil the given form to give the writer necessary information to write a new one. Then the client is matched with one of the writers.

2. Rewriting a resume. The writer will renew everything in the resume including formatting, writing style, and keywords. Zipjob guarantees full communication during the process to fix possible questions and complements.

3. Scan with ATS Technology. The website emphasizes the relevance of ATS so the resume will be scanned with it in order to make sure that it will pass through this system.

4. Download and apply. Finally, the customer can log in and download the resume which has the 60-day guarantee (the guarantee is not included in the cheapest package).

5. In case of a failure to get more interviews within the next 60 days, the resume will be reviewed and rewritten by a senior writer.


After all, Zipjob can’t be described as a reliable platform to get a resume from. The beautiful wrapper looks beckoning but it can’t cover up the risks a client may face. Keeping in mind that the money can be wasted because nobody will ever reply, the resume can be of poor quality (as reported by some) and again money won’t be returned, and it can take too long to get the work done, this service doesn’t look attractive anymore. It is surely a good idea to search for a more secure website to get a resume from.