Scribendi Review

Many online services specialize in editing, rewriting, copywriting, proofreading, and many more. However, to get high-quality work, you need to research before paying any company. It is essential to compare and highlight all the pros and cons of each company that has caught your eye. Today, we will analyze the service Let’s dive into all the advantages and disadvantages of it.

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Benefits and Drawbacks

Scribendi refers to one of the most popular editing and writing services. That said, it has a lot to offer to its clients — let’s take a look.


  • Experience. Scribendi has existed for over 20 years now, which makes it a trustworthy company. This also reflects on the online reputation, and Scribendi keeps it pretty high.
  • Jobs. The vacancies and all the information needed if you want to work for them are available on their website. We find it very useful, as some similar services do not have enough information about it, so there is a need to contact them directly.


  • No connection with editors. Many people, who used Scribendi’s service, complained about having almost no possibility to communicate with the writers. Despite having existed for such a long time, this issue has caused many misunderstandings.
  • A tricky refund policy. Unfortunately, Scribendi has no information about refunds or revisions on the site, which seems weird, as the company is quite old. However, there is still a possibility to get one free revision, but even this does not guarantee you were returning your money.

Rating for this block: 3.5/5

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Scribendi legal?

Yes. It is federally incorporated in Canada. So, the information you provide them is secured by the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

  • What types of works do they edit?

Scribendi can help with academic writings, student services, ESL and author services, business or corporate services, and personal ones. They also claim that they have experts in every field and genre.

  • What are Scribendi’s guarantees?

Surprisingly, Scribendi does not have any regular guarantees as other writing services do. For instance, let’s go back to the refunds policy. There is no 100% guarantee that if the customer is unsatisfied with the work, the issue will be solved. Why? Because there are no guarantees to that — they say in such a case to contact them so that the problem is investigated, but nothing about any compensations just in case.

  • Is Scribendi safe?

Yes, there is 256-bit SSL encryption, which means that payments and using the website are safe.

Scribendi Prices & Discounts

Because most of Scribendi’s main audience are students, prices are higher than average. The prices usually remain the same because discounts are rarely posted on their social media. So, there are almost no Scribendi discount codes or coupons. The charge for the order usually starts around 14 dollars, including administrative taxes. Compared to other services, Scribendi is a bit more expensive.

scribendi payment options

Rating for this block: 3.5/5

Ways to Contact

Luckily, Scribendi has a lot of information on contacting them on the most popular social media. This means it is easier to find and approach the company by texting them, not by calling or writing an email. There is a possibility to contact them by phone number, yet only during working hours — from 7 am to 10 pm EST. Talking about the online chat, it is not helpful if your request does not concern general questions. Finally, an email — this way only will give you results in case you contact Scribendi to fix some serious difficulties.


Rating for this block: 4/5

Working For Scribendi

What we found great is the amount of information given on the site about job vacancies. There are two options to work in Scribendi: whether you work at the office or remotely. However, not all positions have this benefit — for remote ones, there is an available Software Development area. As for Scribendi’s salary, the average payment for an hour is 15$ for editors.

Rating for this block: 4/5

Social Reviews

Scribendi on Reddit

“I found them to be pretty good, but the anonymous nature of the editors makes it hard to develop a relationship with anyone editor; you are randomly assigned someone and don’t have a lot of ability to communicate. As for fiction, the editors I got (which were assigned numbers), it was hit or miss for me. Some got what I was trying to say, and others didn’t.”

Scribendi on TrustPilot

“When I placed my order for the first time, I was optimistic. After I received the editors’ track review back, I was disappointed. I requested the actual changes be made to the document, not side notes. Since I had the original, it would have been better to see the flow. Now I would have to make changes and submit again for another costly review—most of the notes were onion and had no actual direction. ”

Scribendi on Glassdoor

Let’s look at this service from the editors’ perspective:

“The company does not support their editors. When clients complain, the order is reviewed by their full-time staff. No matter how high your score, no matter how well they esteem your editing, no matter how petty the client’s complaints are (including that the client didn’t like a change you made, which they could choose not to accept in their revisions), the client is offered a redo or a refund.”

“It’s a difficult situation when your client doesn’t speak English as their first language, yet the quality of your editing is questioned. Scribendi forces you to redo the order (or not get paid at all) without even allowing you to address the client’s concerns. I do not feel like a valued employee here; I feel like a number easily replaced. The worst part is that Scribendi keeps about 50% of what they charge the client, so if I get $100 for an order, Scribendi also gets that amount. That is a large commission.”


To sum up, Scribendi has its benefits and drawbacks. Like any other case when you need to choose, it is vital to think carefully before paying for any service. Although there are some pleasant functions, the company has vast market experience and has the most profitable conditions. Still, not everything is perfect. There are some crucial questions, which are unfinished so far, and it is disquieting. If you are looking for a service that will help you write works from scratch, you ought to look more for the right company. Overall the rating is 3.8/5. Hope this review was of assistance to you and helped you decide whether Scribendi is suitable for you and your requests.

Overall rating: 4/5